The Role of Hybrid Open Access in Extending Author Choice
Research Consulting & Pleiade Management and Consultancy
23 February 2018

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This report presents the findings of a qualitative study consisting of interviews with 33 authors of Gold Open Access articles. The aim of this research was to better understand the factors that influence and motivate authors when choosing to publish OA, with an emphasis on the Gold Hybrid route. It looks at the driving and inhibiting factors being Gold OA, the role OA Plays in the journal selection process and the author’s perceptions of the various OA choices.

Key findings include i) external funding is a key enabler of OA publishing, the use of discretionary funds to pay for APCs is an inhibiting factor ii) OA plays a minor role in the journal selection process partly because OA options are increasing taken for granted by authors, iii) offsetting deals stimulate Gold OA Publishing, iv) Gold Hybrid OA journals offer more flexibility, where funding is limited, than pure Gold Journals.